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Mary Ida Henrikson

The Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska has long been home to painter Mary Ida Henrikson. Her nuanced artwork documents her connection to the temperate rainforest and her concern for the environment.

49 Writers

Abigail Kokai

Fiber artist Abigail Kokai creates works that reflect her interest in illustration, graphic design and interaction with objects around her. Her quilts narrate lived experiences, preserve places and times, and communicate the significance of individuals and communities.

49 Writers

Merry C. Ellefson

Playwright Merry Ellefson of Juneau has been haunted for 20 years by the story of three Iñupiaq hunters who drifted away on an ice floe. Only one survived. The fragility of ice has etched tragedy into her own life, too.

49 Writers

Ana Gutierrez-Scholl

Ana Gutierrez-Scholl grew up in Mexico with a love for traditional dance. She helped form the Anchorage-based dance group Xochiquetzal-Tiqun in 2002 to share a passion for Mexican culture and Mexican folkloric dance. By showcasing the group’s artistic achievements, she hopes to inspire the next generations of instructors and dancers.

49 Writers

Dolores Catherino

Composer Dolores Catherino explores audio soundscapes that reach beyond the familiar black and white keyboard of a piano. With innovative instruments, she plays notes between notes to open musical experience like a new palette of color.

49 Writers

Susan Stark Christianson

Susan Stark Christianson began interviewing grandmothers in 2008 to better understand the source of their resilience — and herself. She now has traveled around the world capturing women’s voices, specifically indigenous voices, to document the wisdom that has been there all along.

49 Writers

Brian Adams

Photographer Brian Adams turns to film for intimate portraits that give a sense of the person and their place in the world. His book, "I Am Inuit," took him to 20 Alaska villages over 12 months as he made the turn from outsider to one with, as The New York Times called it, "An Insider's View."

49 Writers

Paul Andrew Lawrence

From his pilot seat in a Bush air taxi, Paul Andrew Lawrence saw Alaska's changing ecosystem and turned to photography and film to document it. He produced and directed "Boneyard Alaska," a film about Alaska miner John Reeves's find of a massive fossil deposit of bison, woolly mammoths and prehistoric bears.

49 Writers

Lucy Peckham

Wander into the hall at the Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau. It’s standing room only. In the back of the room, a raised platform edged by tables filled with sound equipment faces center stage. A few folks stand on the platform in the dark.

49 Writers

Robert Mills

Robert Mills. a Tlingit artist from Kake, is exploring the why of his art and the history of his people. He has found that combining truth and commercial success is an evolution. He is cultivating his audience and building his reputation as an artist.

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