Our new Annual Letter to Alaska: Things We Hold Onto

This last year forced change on all of us. Will Alaskans ever be the same? Let’s hope not. We learned new ways to be more inclusive and respond to crisis needs, to address deep-rooted wrongs and help our neighbors now. We asked you what worked well, and we’re sharing some of the brightest examples. As we move forward, let’s keep hold of the good things.



Our Annual Letter to Alaska: 2020 Reflections

At Rasmuson Foundation, one question weaves through the work of convening, grantmaking and examining ways to improve life in Alaska: What would Elmer do? It’s our self-check on whether our course is true to his vision. In our 65th year, in the midst of a pandemic, we step back from the moment to reflect on our story.



 2018 Letter to Alaska: Why we convene

The Rasmuson Foundation meets at the round table in their Anchorage, AK offices boardroom on Monday April 15, 2019. (Photo by Bob Hallinen)

“Sometimes we have an issue that we need help with. We’ll call upon experts from our community who bring different perspectives. They help us think through an idea, figure out solutions, and come up with new strategies.”

— Diane Kaplan, President and CEO



2017 Letter to Alaska: The principles that guide our work

Purpose. Leadership. Partnership. Leverage. Sustainability. For the first time, we are sharing what drives our initiatives, grantmaking and connections.




2016 Letter to Alaskans
Foundation Chairman Ed Rasmuson reflects on five of the year’s standout programs.

2015 Letter to Alaskans
Plan4Alaska, Housing, our largest grant ever and 60th-anniversary celebrations.

2014 Letter to Alaskans
Recover Alaska, a look back at the first 60 years and planning for the future.

2013 Letter to Alaskans
“Success Means Looking Upstream:” DHATs, The Foraker Group, Pick.Click.Give., Chief Shakes Tribal House, Tier 1 grants and Lile’s Garden.

2012 Letter to Alaskans
“Honored to Partner with Nonprofits:” $200 million, grantmaking overview, growing endowment and initiative growth.

2011 Letter to Alaskans
“Adjusting the Sails, Staying the Course:” regaining ground after economic turmoil, 32 Tier 2 grants, the Tier 1 program grows to 91, the Individual Artist Awards and Sabbaticals for nonprofit and tribal leaders.

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