Our Annual Letter to Alaska Published in June 2018

Rasmuson Foundation 2017 Annual Letter

"It is clear that if we stick to what we believe, if we stay true to who we are, we will continue on a path to success, as a family and a Foundation."
Message from Ed Rasmuson →
"For the first time, we are sharing some of our guiding principles, and we are showing how they materialize in some of our bigger projects."
Message from Diane Kaplan →

The Principles That Guide Our Work

2. Leadership

One individual can transform an organization and even an entire community.

Read how Carol Gore is changing the housing landscape in Anchorage. →

3. Partnership

Elmer Rasmuson said it best: “Helping others is an Alaskan tradition.” Groups can accomplish what seems impossible when they pull together.

Read how oral health care in rural Alaska is being transformed in a single generation, despite early opposition. →

5. Sustainability

A nonprofit’s internal structure needs targeted maintenance and sometimes a reset to stay strong.

Read how one mental health clinician regained her center, and strengthened her agency, after a four-month sabbatical. →


Our 2017 awards supported local projects, organizations and artists in about 70 Alaska communities. Explore here →

Top image: Photo by Brian Adams

Board of Directors

The 14-member Board includes eight Rasmuson family members and six representatives from the public. The Board sets policy, approves grant awards and provides direction on major initiatives. Here are current members:

Laura Emerson Adam Gibbons Jay Gibbons Lile R. Gibbons Rebecca Brice Henderson Dr. Matt Hirschfeld Jason Metrokin
Mike Navarre Kris Norosz Cathryn Rasmuson, Vice Chairman Edward B. Rasmuson, Chairman Judy Rasmuson Aaron Schutt Natasha von Imhof, Secretary/Treasurer