Our Annual Letter to Alaska
Published in June 2019

Rasmuson Foundation 2018 Annual Letter

Ed Rasmuson
"Our core family values are etched into Rasmuson Foundation culture, down to the very spot where we gather."

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Diane Kaplan
"Our grantmaking philosophy is to be a catalyst for change. One of the best ways to do that is bring Alaskans together, in conversation."

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Rasmuson Foundation at a Glance
$645 millionTotal Assets as of December 31, 2018
$400+ millionTotal Investments in Alaska since 1955
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Board of Directors

The 14-member board includes eight Rasmuson family members and six representatives from the public. The board sets policy, approves grant awards and provides direction on major initiatives. Here are current members:

Laura Emerson Adam Gibbons Jay Gibbons Lile R. Gibbons Rebecca Brice Henderson Curtis McQueen Jason Metrokin
Mike Navarre Kris Norosz Cathryn Rasmuson, Vice Chairman Edward B. Rasmuson, Chairman Judy Rasmuson Marilyn Romano Natasha von Imhof, Secretary/Treasurer

Top photo by Bob Hallinen