Kittleman & Associates, an executive search firm based in Chicago, specializes in finding leadership for nonprofit organizations and is heading the search for a new Rasmuson Foundation President and CEO.

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President and CEO: The Rasmuson Foundation board is seeking a leader who has a strong passion for service and an authentic interest in and commitment to the Foundation’s mission and vision.  This leader must have a deep love of, and commitment to, Alaska and its people.

The incoming President & CEO will be provided the opportunity to expand the scope and activity of the Foundation, guiding the Board in their efforts to create positive change throughout Alaska.  This will include the development of an aligned strategy to drive philanthropy and grantmaking in the future, increased staff support and growth in their professional roles as leaders within the organization, and, importantly, candid and supportive dialogue with the Board to shape their future philanthropic strategies and their role in supporting the broader success of Alaskans.