Our Team

We bring backgrounds from many fields: health care and law, nonprofits and higher education, libraries and the arts, military service and public service. We come from communities all over Alaska, the Lower 48 and beyond. We support and connect with organizations and people that help Alaskans live their best lives.

Meet The Team

Loren Abbey

  • Human Resources Manager

Sarah Allyn

  • Office Manager

Farina Brown

  • Program Officer, Strategy & Initiatives

Emily Cho

  • Communications Associate

Sydney Copley

  • Project Manager

Bob Doehl

  • Vice President of Operations

Monica Garcia-Itchoak

  • Program Officer

Christina Gheen

  • Grants Manager

Carmen Goodwin

  • Senior Accountant, Contract and Risk Management

Lailani Stone

  • Accounting Assistant

Gretchen Guess

  • President & CEO

Jess Haley

  • Manager of Board Operations

Jimael Lawson Johnson

  • Program Officer

Tanya King

  • Director of Programs

Erin Milan

  • Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Samona Norombaba

  • Senior Program Associate

Laura Boone

  • Senior Accountant, Finance Operations

Chris Perez

  • Vice President of Programs

Tasha Pineda

  • Vice President of Strategy

Maura Wharton

  • Program Assistant

Jennifer Rose

  • Grants Management Associate

Sharity Sommer

  • Program Officer

Monica Terrones Vargas

  • Events Manager

Deborah Vo

  • Program Officer, Strategy & Initiatives

Joshua Wilson

  • Program Officer

Work With Us

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