Mission: To promote a better life for Alaskans.

Primary program areas of interest: Arts & culture, health, social services, housing, promotion of philanthropy

Geographic area of giving: Alaska

Grantmaking philosophy: The Foundation acts as a catalyst for change; helps Alaskans help themselves; and embraces the diversity within Alaska.

Grantmaking goals: Civic responsibility and individual philanthropy amongst Alaskans; economic possibilities for Alaskans; educational opportunity for Alaskans; healthy Alaska families; quality health care for Alaskans; strong leaders; vibrant arts and culture in Alaska.

Goals for grantees: Achievement of the grantee’s purpose; broad financial base and resources; collaboration; effective organizations; local support of the grantee’s work (monetary and non-monetary); sustainability.

Process: The Foundation supports nonprofits that are focused and effective in the pursuit of their goals. The Foundation supports accountability, clarity of purpose and cautious use of resources. To aid our grantees, the Foundation:

  • brings in experts to provide perspective and knowledge
  • convenes forums on subjects of grantee and community interest
  • helps grantees disseminate their expertise in the community
  • initiates projects in areas of need and opportunity
  • issues grants
  • partners with other foundations and the public sectors to leverage grantor dollars
  • promotes training that strengthens organizations

Board compensation: Volunteer service

Total assets as of December 31, 2021: $832 million

Total grants awarded in 2021: $36 million

Total charitable payments since 1955: $479 million