Dick Mandsager

Senior Fellow

Email: dmandsager@rasmuson.org

Dick Mandsager, M.D., joined Rasmuson Foundation in July 2018 as our first senior fellow. He is an executive on loan to the Anchorage Homeless Leadership Council. The son of a missionary and physician, Dr. Mandsager spent much of his youth in West Africa and was inspired to join the U.S. Public Health Service. He become a pediatrician and is a retired rear admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service.

In 1985 he came to Alaska to lead the Alaska Native Medical Center. Within months the job had grown to include the building of an entirely new hospital and, in 1997, closing the old one. Among his other roles, he has served as director of the state Division of Public Health, head of The Children’s Hospital at Providence, and for nine years, as Providence Alaska Medical Center chief executive. As senior fellow, he has been asked to use his significant skills and experience to help Anchorage address homelessness. Out of the office, he likes to read, bike and go cross-country skiing.



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