Elmer Rasmuson wrote about how his family’s values were infused into the Foundation’s goals.

“Helping others is an Alaskan tradition. Both the earliest Alaskans and those who came here to settle had to rely on one another to build a good community and a good life. This was as true for the Rasmuson family as for everyone, and when my mother Jenny founded the Rasmuson Foundation, she was expressing her concern for all Alaskans who might need help and for the future of our state.

“As she honored my father, she was also foreseeing a time when Alaskans could not reach out to all their neighbors personally and would count on organized efforts to help those in need.

“Much credit is due the volunteers and professionals who dedicate their talents to non-profit endeavors. Everyone in the state benefits from their hard work. In the tradition of Alaskans, Rasmuson Foundation is glad to lend a hand.”


Board Giving


Elmer Rasmuson once said that a community that invests in itself is a healthy community. A similar principle applies to nonprofit organizations. Board governance for a nonprofit organization is a significant responsibility and commitment of personal time and energy. Board members provide strategic goals and objectives for the organization and are accountable for the stewardship of the organization’s resources. A trait of a strong nonprofit board is their individual financial contribution to the organization. Rasmuson Foundation recognizes that board members have varying capacities to give and that charitable giving is a personal decision. We recommend that each board member make a financial gift that is meaningful and significant by their own standard. Applicants to the Rasmuson Foundation that demonstrate 100% board giving will receive priority in funding decisions. This review criterion is waived for elected officials.