The Foundation’s commitment to funding Alaska’s artists and cultural organizations is established and ongoing.  We have long supported Alaska arts — and individual artists — and are committed to ensuring that Alaskans enjoy the benefits of a vibrant cultural community.

We invest in the following programs:

Individual Artist Awards provide direct support to artists living and working in Alaska.

Harper Arts Touring Program provides grants to stimulate access to high-quality arts in communities throughout Alaska, and supports tours of Alaska’s performing artists and exhibits. This program is administered by the Alaska State Council on the Arts.

Art Acquisition Fund and Collections Management Fund support practicing Alaska artists through museum purchases, enhance the permanent art collections of Alaska museums, and encourage Alaska museums to develop formal collections policies. Both programs are administered by Museums Alaska.

Arts in Education promotes high-quality arts experiences for Alaska’s students by supporting in-school programs, out-of-school experiences, community-based projects, and arts educator fellowships. These programs are administered by the Alaska State Council on the Arts.

New Pathways l Alaska intended to promote greater sustainability in the arts by accelerating innovation. New Pathways | Alaska was a joint project of the Foundation, EmcArts, The Foraker Group and the Alaska State Council on the Arts. The program was administered by The Foraker Group. It no longer is accepting applications.

(Past Investment) Artist Residency Program supported eight-week residencies for Alaska artists at Lower 48 organizations and welcomed accomplished artists from Outside to Alaska organizations. This program is not accepting applications at this time.