Art Acquisition Fund

The Art Acquisition Fund supports grants for Alaska museums to purchase work by practicing Alaska artists. Initiated in 2003, the project is intended to (1) support living, practicing Alaska artists through museum purchases, (2) enhance the permanent art collections of Alaska museums and (3) encourage Alaska museums to develop formal collections policies. The Foundation also provides a regular venue for contemporary Alaska art in the Foundation office in Anchorage.

Alaska museums that have formal collections policies can apply.

Collections Management Fund

This fund was established in 2013 to develop collections management practices through professional expertise, training, and conservation materials and supplies. Museums and cultural centers in Alaska are eligible to apply for supplies and activities.

Preference will be given to projects that are collaborative or cooperative in nature. Emergency conservation projects will be given priority.

Grants for Art Acquisition and Collections Management Funds are awarded twice per year.

These Funds are administered by Museums Alaska on behalf of the Foundation.