Videos, workshop presentations and handouts explain the program.

We prepared this toolkit to help artists through the process of applying for an award. Artists can learn how to write an artist statement, prepare a resume, document their work and much more. 


Click HERE for the entire lineup of information meetings and workshops in 2023. The last one is Feb. 2.

More of a visual learner? Scroll down to watch videos that can help. Videos feature Alaska artists who have received awards, art experts and Foundation staff explaining the program and suggesting a path to success. 

A few basics

Guidelines for IAA

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How-to videos with artists, art experts and staff

Program officer Enzina Marrari presents the Individual Artist Award program in 2023.




What are the Individual Artist Awards?
Learn the different types of awards and why it is important to apply early. Just going through the process can make you a better artist! Note: The award amounts increased in 2023. We are updating this video to reflect that.



What’s in an application?
Requirements including an artist statement, a resume and work samples are explained.


Hot tips
Artists and Rasmuson Foundation staff provide specific guidance including that it is OK to ask for help.

Videos by C+L Creative / Clay and Laura Butcher



Learn from past recipients

These profiles of artists who have received the award come through a partnership with the literary nonprofit, 49 Writers. Not only are the stories great reads, they provide rare insight into the type of art created by award recipients.

More help


Artists+U+New+Core+Principles: Discouraged or frustrated? This can help you reframe your thinking and ready yourself for success in the arts.

Toolkits, resources, organizations, funders and partners for artists: Here is a must-have inventory of services and organizations set up to help artists.

Alaska local arts councils: Feeling stuck? Reach out to your local arts council. They are listed here.

Additional information can be found in blog posts tagged “IAA”,  this list of past awardees, and on the Rasmuson Foundation YouTube channel.


Please contact us directly if you have any questions at 907-297-2700 or