Past Grantmaking

Grants in 2021 for Arts, Culture, Humanities

120 Results totaling $
Affinityfilms, Inc.(site)
Justice for Anna: Episode 2 in Silent No More television series
Agopian, Maite
Project Award (Performance Arts) to create wooden puppetry and shadow theater silhouettes for a performance titled 'In A Time of Change'
Akagi, Sydney
Project Award (Folk and Traditional Arts) to create a full size Tlingit ceremonial robe that includes both Revenstail and Chilkat techniques
Alaska Arts Southeast(site)
Sweetland Hall dormitory renovation in Sitka
Alaska Aviation Museum(site)
Flooring renovation in Anchorage
Alaska Children's Institute for the Performing Arts dba Triumvirate Theatre(site)
Pre-development of the Triumvirate Theatre rebuild project
Alaska Children's Institute for the Performing Arts dba Triumvirate Theatre(site)
Triumvirate Theatre construction in Kenai
Alaska Dance Theatre(site)
Theatre repair and technology upgrades in Anchorage
Alaska Humanities Forum(site)
Statewide database of cultural organizations
Alaska Native Sisterhood Association(site)
Cultural resources in Wrangell
Alaska State Council on the Arts(site)
Arts in Education, Youth Cultural Heritage, Touring Arts
Alpine Historical Society(site)
Septic system for the O'Neill House in Sutton
Alutiiq Heritage Foundation(site)
Alutiiq Museum expansion and renovation
Anchorage Community Theatre(site)
Building safety upgrades and repairs
Anchorage Concert Chorus(site)
COVID-19 testing and video streaming
Anchorage Museum(site)
Equipment for climate change project
Anchorage Opera Company(site)
Technology upgrades
Andrews, Polly
Project Award (Folk and Traditional Arts) to develop an Alaska Native traditional and contemporary album
Arciniega, Kendra
Project Award (Literary Arts/Scriptworks) to create a local web series that tells the unique interwoven connections of LGBTQ+ BIPOC communities
Armamento, Rejoy
Project Award (Visual Arts) to create a 300 square foot mural as part of the Mountain View Mural Walk
Athabascan Fiddlers Association(site)
Upgrade and build out KRFF's studio that serves the Interior of Alaska
Bethel Broadcasting(site)
KYUK AM radio tower
Board and Staff-Directed Grants
Bridges Community Resource Network Inc.
Documentary about local food on the Kenai Peninsula
Brown, Patricia "Tricia"
Fellowship (Literary Arts/Scriptworks) to write a nonfiction book on Californian-born gold prospector Irene titled "Queen of Fairbanks"
Brunner, Bridget Kathryn(site)
Project Award (Visual Arts) to construct a stained glass studio
Bunnell Street Arts Center(site)
Equipment for Indigenous Alaska exhibition in Homer
Calista Education and Culture, Inc.(site)
Manuscript editing of Angalkut/Shamans: Illness and Wellness in Yup'ik Oral Tradition manuscript in Yukon-Kuskokwin region
Carpenter, Laura
Fellowship (Literary Arts/Scriptworks) to research and write a LGBTQ+ young adult fantasy novel
City of Angoon(site)
Artist workshop construction
City of Kodiak(site)
Bloomberg Asphalt Art Initiative
Cooper Landing Community Library(site)
Technology upgrades
Craney, Katie
Project Award (Visual Arts) to create two-dimensional visual representations within a body of work that focuses on ableism, bodies, and boundaries
Crowley, Kevin Edward(site)
Project Award (Multidisciplinary) to create books entirely of Alaskan-based materials that focuses on accessibility and reducing outsourcing
Cyrano's Theatre Company(site)
Building security and accessibility upgrades in Anchorage
Eldred Rock Lighthouse Preservation Association(site)
Lighthouse remediation and repainting in Haines
Fairbanks Arts Association(site)
Sabbatical for Jessica Pena
Fairbanks Drama Association and Fairbanks Children's Theatre(site)
Theatre ventilation system
Fairbanks Native Association, Inc.(site)
Walter Harper bronze statue
Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre(site)
Touring stage design and construction
Filyaw, Sharon
Project Award (Crafts) for purchasing lapidary tools, camera equipment, and a lightbox
Firth, Silas
Project award (Media Arts) to produce a documentary on the SS Princess Sophia that sunk southbound of Skagway in October of 1918
Friends of the Thorne Bay Library
New library construction
Gamradt, Raymond W.(site)
Project Award (Visual Arts) to create charcoal pieces depicting contemporary Alaskan subsistence activities from the perspective of traditional fish camps in Kotzebue
Hayes, Ernestine
2021 Distinguished Artist (Literary Arts/Scriptworks)
Homer Council on the Arts(site)
Technology and website upgrades
Hope, Ishmael Charles
Project Award (Literary Arts/Scriptwork) to write a fictional narrative in Tlinigt and English about a Native man and his family titled "This is How It Ends"
Igiugig Village(site)
Community cultural center construction
Jackson, Gail
Fellowship (Performance Arts) to record Southcentral Alaska soundscapes during a five-week residency program and to expand online presence
Jeffries, Joshua
Project Award (Music Composition) to record a full-length album using sounds recorded form various parts of Alaska's wilderness
Johnson, Merritt
Project Award (Visual Arts) to create a body of woven sculptures reflecting the connections between female-identifying bodies and the resistance of historical struggle
Joyce, Scott
Group project award (Music Composition) for purchasing recording equipment to record a full-length album
Juneau Jazz and Classics, Inc.(site)
Travel instruments, equipment, and technology upgrades
KUAC Friends Group(site)
Television transmitter replacement in Interior Alaska
Kachemak Bay Broadcasting(site)
Technology upgrades in Homer
Kenaitze Indian Tribe(site)
Pavilion at Cook Inlet Harvest Camp in Kenai
Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council(site)
Wearable Art Show documentation
Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council(site)
Four Clan totem pole restoration
Kodiak Historical Society dba Kodiak History Museum(site)
Online collection database
Kootznoowoo Cultural and Educational Foundation, Inc.
Traditional Tlingit canoe carving project in Angoon
Library Services dba Kenny Lake Public Library(site)
ADA ramp and stair replacement in Copper Center
Lukin, Maija
Project Award (Folk and Traditional Arts) to create and document a full length traditional Inupiaq fur parka in traditional methods
Lynn Canal Broadcasting, Inc.(site)
Radio transmission equipment for KHNS in Haines
Macomber, Kendell
Project Award (Choreography) for additional aerial arts space and safety equipment
Manewal, Larisa
Project award (Visual Arts) to create a body of photography, conversations, and interviews to showcase the panhandle perspective of the Pacific herring
Museums Alaska Inc.(site)
Art Acquisition and Collections Management Fund for Alaska museums
NATIVE Program Inc.(site)
Roof and window repair at the Dog Point Fish Camp in Sitka
Old Harbor Alliance, Inc.
Video production of bison herd documentary
Olson, Bjorn
Project Award (Media Arts) for equipment to be utilized in video and audio documentation while traveling through Alaska
Oregon Community Foundation
Portugal The Man Alaska Native health storytelling project
Oscar, Golga
Project Award (Folk and Traditional Arts) to create and document Yup'ik clothing that explores decolonization, resilience, and colonialism
Osier, Jill
Fellowship (Literary Arts/Scriptworks) to create a second full-length poetry collection featuring winter landscapes and its role in self-identity
Out North(site)
Documentary production of Sabor Ártico: Latinos en Alaska statewide.
Pardue, June
Fellowship (Folk and Traditional Arts) to harvest, improve sewing skills, and study ethnographic fish skin pieces and traditional stitching
Perelli, Tony
Project Award (Crafts) for purchasing equipment to expand production of sustainably sourced eating utensils and other woodcraft objects
Pickle Hill Public Broadcasting(site)
Radio transmitter in Kenai
Russian Orthodox Sacred Sites in Alaska(site)
Historic cemetery survey in Karluk
Sara, Ralph
Project award (Multidisciplinary) to create an audiobook and soundtrack based on his life experience with recovery from alcoholism titled "The Anonymous Eskimo"
Sealaska Heritage Institute(site)
Arts Campus construction in Juneau
Seine, Kristen (Christina)
Project Award (Literary Arts/Scriptworks) for purchasing a cargo van and renovating it into a writing studio to complete novel 'The Volume of Water'
Shaginoff, Melissa
Project Award (Multidisciplinary) to create a series of workshops and a performance piece on moose and caribou hide work from an Indigenous experience
Shields (Horton), Sienna
Fellowship (Crafts) to create an immersive bead environment to elicit poetic metaphor of "server room spaghetti" and vital communications
Stomberg, Karen
Project Award (Visual Arts) for creating drawings and monoprints for September 2022 group exhibition and book titled 'In a Time of Change: Boreal Forest Stories'
Stone, Steven
Fellowship (Crafts) for expanding his shop to pass on traditional knowledge and create bigger community projects
Twitchell, Lance(site)
Fellowship (Literary Arts) to write a collaborative bilingual Tlingit screenplay about two elders who escaped an Oregon boarding school
University of Alaska Foundation(site)
Lighting renovation at the Museum of the North in Fairbanks
Wharton, Merna
Fellowship (Folk and Traditional Arts) for researching, replicating, and documenting traditional Yup'ik fur parkas
White, Kenneth
Fellowship (Folk and Traditional Arts) to invest in studio equipment to share traditional experiences of storytelling, dancing, carving, and drawing through 3D scanning technology