Past Grantmaking

Grants serving Copper River

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Ahtna Heritage Foundation
Computer, fax, typewriter.
Alaska Bible College(site)
Challenge grant for weight room equipment for Campus Center facility which will be available to the entire community.
Board and Staff-Directed Grants
Cheesh'na Tribal Council(site)
Biomass heating system installation in Chistochina.
Cook, Corinna
Project Award (Literary Arts/Scriptworks) to complete a collection of lyric essays built around research into the art, history and changing ecology in Northern regions
Copper River Basin Child Advocacy Center(site)
Copper River Basin Child Advocacy Center(site)
Replace light fixtures in Gakona.
Copper River Basin Regional Housing Authority(site)
Furnishings and equipment for an office and maintenance shop in Tazlina.
Copper River Emergency Medical Services Council
Combination of outright and challenge grant for office furnishings, copy machine, and digital camera.
Copper River Hockey Club
Hockey rink boards.
Copper River Hockey Club
Challenge grant for baseball fencing (Phase 2 of the Fields of Dreams project).
Copper River Hockey Club
Resurface two baseball fields.
Copper River Native Association(site)
Food bank walk-in cooler and freezer
Copper River Native Association(site)
Equipment, supplies, and furnishings for new clinic in Tazlina.
Copper Valley Community Library Association
Video collection shelving for rural library.
Copper Valley Community Library Association
Books, maps and charts for bookmobile.
Copper Valley Community Library Association
Supplies, equipment.
Copper Valley Community Library Association
Children's Room remodeling.
Copper Valley Development Association(site)
Technology upgrades.
Copper Valley Historical Society
Roof repair, lighting improvements, cabin renovations, and exhibit materials and installation for the George Ashby Memorial Museum.
Cross Road Medical Center(site)
Vehicle for outreach and staff transport.
Cross Road Medical Center(site)
Computer system to better accommodate sliding-scale fee payment for clients in Copper River region.
Friends of Kennicott
Travel support for JuJuba, Zimbabwean music with Michael and Osha Breez
Friends of Kennicott
Phase 2 renovations for Kennicott Recreation Hall.
Garrett, Patricia
Project award (literary arts/scriptworks) to upgrade a writing studio, travel, research, and produce a manuscript about a historical figure in McCarthy, Kate Kennedy.
Glennallen Jr/Sr High School
"Top Off" grant for replacement of floor and bleachers.
Gulkana Village Council
Technology and exercise equipment for the youth center
Kenny Lake Community League
Construct an ADA accessible ramp and renovate the community center
Library Services dba Kenny Lake Public Library(site)
ADA ramp and stair replacement in Copper Center
Library Services dba Kenny Lake Public Library(site)
Shelving, furniture, equipment.
Link, Kristin(site)
Project award (visual arts) for travel and field sketching in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve.
McCarthy Emergency Services
Community medical services building
McCarthy-Kennicott Historical Museum, Inc.
Equipment upgrades.
McCarthy-Kennicott Historical Museum, Inc.
Museum renovations to improve accessibility (ADA standards) and appearance.
McCarthy-Kennicott Historical Museum, Inc.
Roof repairs and construction of caretaker's cabin.
McKinstry, Erin
Project Award (Media Arts) for an audio storytelling project about Alaska farmers, their connection to the land, and the impact of climate change
Mentasta Traditional Council
Recreation Center equipment and freight.
National Parks Conservation Association(site)
Nabesna public recreation trail improvements in Wrangell-St. Elias Park.
Native Village of Gakona
Top-off grant for the construction of multi-use community services/health clinic facility.
Native Village of Tazlina(site)
Tazlina homeland recovery
Northern Light Network - KCAM Radio(site)
Matching funds to upgrade broadcast equipment.
Odden, Mary Elaine
Project award (literary arts/scriptworks) to complete a collection of creative non-fiction essays with the working title of "Kith and Kin."
Recycling Our Area's Resources
Tractor trailer van to improve community recycling program.
Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment(site)
Sabbatical for Robin Mayo
Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment(site)
Technology upgrades in Copper Center.
Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment(site)
15-passenger van for educational programs.
Wrangell Mountains Center(site)
Water and refuse system upgrades in McCarthy
Wrangell Mountains Center(site)
Construct an ADA accessible bathroom facility
Wrangell Mountains Center(site)
Upgrade solar power system at the Wrangell Mountains Center
Wrangell Mountains Center(site)
Staff cabin and equipment in McCarthy.
Wrangell Mountains Center(site)
Capital improvements to Porphyry Place, an educational model for sustainability in a northern environment.
Wrangell Mountains Center(site)
13th annual Wrangell Mountains Writing Workshop in McCarthy.
Wrangell Mountains Center(site)
Facility enhancements for staff housing and renewable energy sources.
Wrangell Mountains Center(site)
Electrical, health and safety improvements for main facility located in McCarthy.