Program-Related Investments

Note: We have temporarily paused grantmaking. Until mid-2024, Tier 2 and PRI proposals that already have been received will be considered and decided on by December 2023. No new proposals will be accepted until mid-2024. Learn more here.

Program-related investments, or PRIs, refer to a collection of financial instruments that can support a charitable project or activity. Usually structured as loans, PRIs also can be equity investments, linked deposits or loan guarantees.

Types of Projects

Rasmuson Foundation looks for PRI opportunities in family, workforce and senior housing; community and economic development; and nonprofit facilities.

This type of funding can be used to encourage and support homeownership; employment; entrepreneurship; safe, secure and affordable housing; access to essentials like childcare, health care and food; community stability; redevelopment of blighted properties into useful community assets; and nonprofit sustainability.

Eligible Organizations

To achieve these charitable outcomes, the Foundation uses PRIs to increase availability of credit and capital to nonprofits, nonprofit intermediaries, banks, community development financial institutions, and small-business developers.

Not Right For PRI

The Foundation avoids PRI projects that are bankable through traditional venues; could weaken the borrower; that seek debt reduction associated with a current loan; or that support high-risk business ventures not consistent with the Foundation’s core charitable interests.

Learn more about PRIs

If you believe your project might be eligible, please complete an inquiry form to connect with our grantmaking team. PRI applications are by invitation only.

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