Golovin students on their new playground. A fall 2015 Tier 1 project (Photo by Sonja Herman).

Golovin students are seen on their new playground. The project was completed in fall 2015 with a Tier 1 grant. (Photo by Sonja Herman).

What are Tier 1 grants?
This program primarily supports capital projects and technology upgrades for eligible Alaska organizations. More than 200 requests are received each year. The maximum Tier 1 amount is $25,000, and the average amount awarded is $16,700. APPLY HERE.

What are capital projects?
Time-limited projects that include, but are not limited to, furnishings, appliances, vehicles, technology upgrades, building construction and renovation, medical equipment, sports equipment, scientific equipment, musical instruments, library collections (books and a/v), etc. For projects that do not fit within these examples, please consult with Rasmuson Foundation program staff.

On a limited basis, the Foundation will also consider creative works.
Eligible activities include film and documentary projects, studies/reports, books, exhibits and other cultural projects. Successful applications demonstrate a strong Alaska-specific context, significant community impact, and a well-developed distribution plan, if applicable.

Organizations must be actively working in Alaska. Eligible organizations will either be an established 501(c)(3) (and classified as “not a private foundation”), or a local or tribal government. Religious organizations may be eligible if their project has broad community impact. For nonprofit organizations, the 501(c)(3) status should have been obtained at least one year prior to the date of application, and at least one completed fiscal year of financials should be available. Individuals are not eligible for Tier 1 grants.

In order to support as many of Alaska’s nonprofit organizations as possible, the Foundation prefers that applicants wait at least 12 months between Tier 1 requests. Tier 1 applications are accepted year-round and reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants are encouraged to consult with Rasmuson Foundation program staff prior to submitting a Tier 1 application.

Applications are evaluated based on the budget, scope of work, and expected outcomes of the project. Applications are also evaluated for the organization’s track record, fiscal and management capacity, an active board and experienced staff, sources of financial support, and the project’s benefit to the organization and the community it serves. The Foundation places a priority on organizations in which all board members contribute financially.

What we don’t fund
Rasmuson Foundation generally does not support: projects associated with core government functions such as roads, utilities, and public safety; in general, K-12 education; general program operations, administrative, indirect, or overhead costs; deficits or debt reduction; endowments; scholarships; fundraising events or sponsorships; reimbursement for items already purchased.

Organizational Development: Rasmuson Foundation financially supports the Strengthening Organizations grant program. Administered by the Alaska Community Foundation, these small grants support leadership and organizational development, program development, collaborations and community engagement, and evaluation efforts.  Learn more and apply here.  Projects funded via the ACF program are ineligible for direct Rasmuson Foundation support.

If your project is declined, you may call a program officer to discuss it. A project that has been declined will not be considered again. However, you may submit an application for a different project at any time.