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25th Grantmakers Tour: We shared Alaska

Our 25th Grantmakers Tour of Alaska introduced philanthropic leaders from across the country to Alaska tribal, nonprofit and government leaders. A taste of bowhead whale, a dip into the Arctic Ocean— this was no ordinary tour.

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Reaching out for Alaska Native mentors

When Big Brothers Big Sisters saw they weren’t recruiting enough Alaska Native mentors, they did something. Actually, a lot of things. Learn from guest author President and CEO Jill Richardson how the nonprofit is working with partners on outreach and mentoring.

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Meet a hands-on artist from Kasigluk

We recently caught up with 2021 Individual Artist Award recipient "Quki" Golga Oscar, whose art is gaining national recognition. Vogue magazine even featured Oscar's work!

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Remembering Sen. Johnny Ellis

Senator Johnny Ellis was a public servant who dedicated his life to bettering the lives of Alaskans – all Alaskans. He was also my friend. I wrote this a few years ago after he retired from the legislature, thanking him for his service. 

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‘Take the risk’

Artist Kristin DeSmith remembers valued advice from a teacher, who challenged her to allow space to fail. The Foundation is accepting applications for 2022 Individual Artist Awards through March 1. DeSmith was a 2019 awardee.

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‘Work on your art like it’s your job’

Artist TJ Sgwaayaans Young recently shared some of what inspires him as an artist. The Foundation is accepting applications for Individual Artist Awards through March 1. Young is a two-time recipient.

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Chairman Ed: Mentor, friend, generous beyond words

She was irritated when she heard he wouldn't fund public radio. She was stunned when he answered his own phone — he was president of the National Bank of Alaska. Learn how the relationship between Diane Kaplan and Ed Rasmuson grew into a decades-long collaboration, for Alaska.

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