Rasmuson Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2017 Individual Artist Awards (IAA). Thanks in part to your feedback, we’ve made some changes that will be rolled out over the next three years. Enhancements will include a revised application, professional development opportunities and an increased emphasis on artist promotion for award winners.

While the general framework will remain intact, changes to the application include more flexibility on how artists present their work samples, streamlined instructions and more specificity around the narrative questions. Additionally, we have split the multidiscipline and new genre fields. When an artist selects the multidiscipline field, they will now be asked to identify the two disciplines that best define their work. The application will then be reviewed by panelists with that specific expertise.

Starting in 2017, IAA recipients will have the option of participating in a flexible, six-week course with New York-based Creative Capital that focuses on building artist business skills. The opportunity will include one in-person gathering, webinars, conference calls and other educational opportunities designed to take into account the variable technological challenges of living in Alaska. Additionally, Foundation staff will host a series of workshops across the state that focus on the application process. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for additional details.

Over the next three years, the Foundation will implement several strategies focused on promoting IAA grant recipients. Additional details will be announced later. In the short-term, awardees will be recognized through a newspaper advertisement.

This year, after the awards are announced, the Foundation will publicize the names of the panelists participating on our review committee. We are also committed to collecting more data about the program to ensure the Foundation is truly meeting its objective of helping to create a more vibrant and healthy arts community. If you have any questions about the above, please reach out to us. We are excited about these changes and grateful to work in a state that has such a deep reservoir of passionate, talented and committed artists.