During the past 19 years, 128 individuals representing 72 organizations have participated in the Alaska Grantmakers Tour. This effort wouldn't be possible without the help of individuals and nonprofits around the state. Is the Alaska Grantmakers Tour having an impact? Find out more in this week's post.

Every August the Foundation brings up Outside grantmakers for a weeklong introductory visit to Alaska. This year’s cohort traveled to Anchorage, Napaskiak, Bethel, Barrow, Silver Salmon Camp and Juneau; toured Prudhoe Bay; met with hundreds of nonprofit leaders; visited numerous nonprofit and cultural facilities; and interacted with our state leaders in an attempt to understand Alaska and the partnership opportunities that exist here.

Is the Grantmakers Tour having an impact? During the past 19 years, 128 individuals representing 72 foundations or other types of organizations have participated. And using Foundation Center and Guidestar data available up to May 2014, we estimate that during the period 2003-2013, giving to Alaska organizations by foundations that have participated in the Grantmakers Tour totaled $78.24 million. These funds were awarded in 1,244 individual grants ranging in size from $1,000 to $2.8 million.

While it’s impossible to prove a direct correlation for all of this grantmaking, there’s no doubt that Alaska enjoys a higher profile and better relations with national philanthropies as a result of the Grantmakers Tour. So, thank you, to all the Alaskans who help make the Tour and investments in our state happen.