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Five tips for artists

Applying for an Individual Artist Award can seem overwhelming. Between choosing work samples, updating your artist resume, building a budget, and writing a project narrative there are many places for mistakes to occur. Luckily our IAA panelists have shared some advice to help combat common errors.

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Catching up with Patrice Gopo | 2006 Rasmuson Foundation Intern

We recently caught up with former Rasmuson Foundation intern Patrice Gopo to chat about the twists her life has taken since that summer internship, and how her time at the Foundation helped shape where she is today.

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When Patrice came to the Foundation for our 2006 summer internship program, she had just completed her second year of a dual degree master’s program at the University of Michigan.

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Happy 90th Arliss Sturgulewski!

Juneau was an exciting but intimidating place when I first started visiting the legislature as head of Alaska Public Radio Network in the early ‘80s. There were legislators who were quite adept at avoiding eye contact (and still are today) no matter how hard you tried to engage them while walking down the long halls.

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INSIGHT Interview with President Diane Kaplan

Rasmuson Foundation has grown since it started more than 60 years ago, but the core values remain the same. President and CEO Diane Kaplan recently appeared on INSIGHT with Mark Oppenheim to talk about the Foundation’s top priorities and how investments are evaluated to maximize the best interest of Alaska’s communities.

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