Credit for the success of the Alaska Educational Tour of Alaska for Grantmakers is to be shared with a statewide cast. In this week's post, you'll be amazed at the lengths to which we will go to thank our partners.

Posted by Jordan Marshall, Initiatives and Special Projects Manager and Cassandra Stalzer, Communications Manager

Here’s an Alaska-sized and hearty THANK YOU to everyone who made the 15th Annual Educational Tour of Alaska for Grantmakers a resounding success.

First reports back from this year’s participants suggest they thoroughly enjoyed their visit and appreciated the opportunity to meet so many amazing Alaskans. (Read National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Rocco Landesman’s blog post about the tour here.)

We at Rasmuson Foundation want to be absolutely clear: Credit is due to a huge cast of characters and partner funders. So, without further ado…


**Every attempt was made to include absolutely everyone. If we failed, please accept both our apologies and our thanks.