The act of charitable giving sends a strong statement about the causes that are important to each and every one of us. What causes mean the most to you? How will you have impact when you file online for your PFD this year?

Every Alaskan can make a difference when we file online for our PFD. If you give, and your neighbor does, and another neighbor… it will add up quickly. We can celebrate the arts, lend a hand to those in need, and support youth as they reach for success.

If everyone gave just 25 dollars of their PFD through Pick. Click. Give., that’s $15 million for the causes we care about. With one donation at a time, good things will happen all over Alaska. Pass on a little of your good fortune.

Through the Pick. Click. Give. option on the online Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend application, you can safely and easily donate $25 or more to any number of Alaska nonprofit causes, community foundations, and campuses of the University of Alaska. Starting at 12:01 a.m. January 1, 2011, you can choose from among:

  • 40 Alaska organizations that provide health care services for those who might otherwise go without; or to any of the
  • 152 Alaska organizations that provide safe places, positive choices and nurturing environments for young people; or to any of the
  • 100 Alaska arts and culture organizations that preserve our heritage, expand our experiences and enrich our lives; or to any of the
  • 159 Alaska organizations that provide help to individuals and families affected by a disability or mental illness; or to any of the
  • 91 organizations that help Alaskans put their lives back together after an emergency situation.

Get more with your PFD when you Pick. Click. Give. Plan ahead. Go to and search for the causes you care about. The search page allows you to print a list of causes by service category, you can find specific nonprofits by name, or sort the list to find all the organizations based in your hometown.

The act of charitable giving sends a strong statement about the causes that are important to each and every one of us. What causes mean the most to you? Tell us here with a comment below… and please share your reasons for giving with a quick post on the Pick. Click. Give. Facebook page, join the campaign by telling your friends why you give, and please say a word about Pick Click Give if you have an audience of three to three hundred anytime between now and March 31.

This year’s Pick. Click. Give. statewide outreach campaign is made possible thanks to financial support from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, BP Alaska, ConocoPhillips Alaska, the Mat-Su Health Foundation, the Friends of the Alaska Children’s Trust, Providence Health + Services Alaska, Flint Hills Resources Alaska, and Rasmuson Foundation.

Also, providing generous amounts of in-kind support are Alaska Public Radio Network, Coast Alaska and Alaska One public broadcasting, the Alaska Club, and Nerland Agency.

Pick. Click. Give. is coordinated through a partnership including the Permanent Fund Dividend Division of the Alaska Department of Revenue, Rasmuson Foundation, The Foraker Group, the Alaska Giving Coalition, the United Way of Anchorage, and the Alaska Community Foundation.