Last month a contingent from Rasmuson Foundation visited the communities of Golovin, Saint Michael, Koyuk and Elim (a planned trip to White Mountain was cancelled due to weather). Rasmuson Board Vice Chair Cathy Rasmuson, CEO Diane Kaplan, and staff were joined by Nina Kemppel of Alaska Humanities Forum, Bebucks Ivanoff of NSEDC, and Melanie Bahnke and Bryant Hammond of Kawerak. The goal of the visit was for the Foundation to gain a first hand understanding of local priorities while also raising awareness of grants available.

Highlights of the trip include: the grand opening of the search and rescue center in Golovin; a tour of the old school building and discussion of its potential with Saint Michael community members; a visit to Headstart and dinner with friends in Nome; answering the questions of Koyuk residents about the Foundation and seeing their library (which is located in the heart of town); and a presentation by Elim resident Emily Murray on the need for a Youth and Elder Center as a place for the town’s artists to pass on their skills to younger generations. More information about the trip can be found in the stories of the Bering Straits area reporters who joined the group on each of the two days of travel: Foundation Hears Funding Aims of Bering Strait Communities and Rasmuson Foundation Staff Tour Regional Communities.