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Artist Award Application Webinar

Are you or anyone you know thinking about applying for a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Award? Do you have questions about the process or want to talk a bit of strategy? Rasmuson Foundation will be hosting two informational webinars.

Grantseeking Tips

Look back at a busy year

More than 150 Tier 1 awards were made in 2014. Curious about the geographic spread? In this week's post, Senior Program Associate Jeff Baird recaps Tier 1 grants and offers tips for future applicants.

Grantseeking Tips

Timing is everything

Timing counts in most things in life and applying for grants is no exception. In this week's blog, Senior Program Associate Jeff Baird reviews the deadlines and application periods of various grant types.

Grantseeking Tips

Why board giving matters

How can you ask people to invest in a cause you believe in, if you haven't given money yourself? As Senior Program Associate Jeff Baird explains in this week's post, that's one of the reasons Rasmuson Foundation puts such a high priority on board giving.

Grantseeking Tips

Project narrative secrets

Arrgh! What to say? Alaskans requesting Tier 1 grants sometimes struggle with the narrative portion of the application. In this blog post, Senior Program Associate Jeff Baird offers sound advise on the nuances of the Tier 1 narrative.

Grantseeking Tips

Calling on faith organizations

When communities of faith come together, there's no telling what impact they can generate. In this week's blog, Senior Program Associate Jeff Baird recounts the start of what may well be a very important ongoing conversation about serving Alaskans' basic needs.

Grantseeking Tips

Tier 1: Looking back, looking ahead

What types of requests are eligible for a Tier 1 grant? In this week's blog, the Foundation's Jeff Baird takes us on a deep dive into Tier 1 grants of 2013 -- a record year where every region of the state received at least one.

Grantseeking Tips

An intern’s perspective

A social work student pursuing a second career credits his Rasmuson Foundation internship with a 10,000-foot perspective of nonprofit landscape. And, he reveals his two key insights.

Current Events

Online application upgrades

Rasmuson Foundation recently made improvements to the online Tier 1 application. While the differences are subtle, they move us closer to our goal of properly balancing our need to collect relevant information while being cognizant of your time and resource constraints. Jeff Baird shares more in this week's post.

Grantseeking Tips

Persistence pays for artist applicants

Receiving a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Award can be an elusive endeavor. Photographer Richard Eissler applied twice before receiving an award. Though, not selected initially the process strengthened his next application. Read more about his application experience in this post.

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