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Time for a long-term plan

Today lawmakers gavel back in for the second special session of 2016. That means we have another chance to put Alaska on a sustainable financial path. Let's get it right this time.

Initiative News

Today, we are at a turning point in our history

Our fellow Alaskans,

As our leaders deliberate in Juneau, the goal that all Alaskans share – finding a long-term solution to our state’s fiscal crisis – has not yet been achieved.

Rasmuson Foundation has spent the last 12 months listening to Alaskans from across our great state.

Initiative News

Don Decker: 2016 Distinguished Artist

Last week Rasmuson Foundation awarded its 13th round of Individual Artist Awards. The awards are part of an initiative to support Alaska's culture, vibrant communities, and art itself. Also celebrated was the 13th Distinguished Artist Award recipient. In this post, a film about him, you will glimpse his inspiration, his character and his work.

Initiative News

The Tide Has Turned

When Rasmuson Foundation began its educational campaign about the state’s fiscal challenge almost a year ago, our goals were to ensure Alaskans were aware of the situation and concerned about it. We wanted citizens to become engaged in the dialogue about what kind of Alaska we envision for our kids and grandkids.

Initiative News

Pick.Click.Give. 2016

On January 1, Alaskans can begin making donations to nonprofits they care about through Pick.Click.Give. when they file online for their PFD. Some might be tempted to give less, or not give at all. This is the time when we should consider doing something THAT MIGHT BE HARD –rather than follow the reflexive instinct to pull back, we should do just the opposite, by maintaining or even increasing our giving to protect the life that we love.

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