2016 Individual Artist Award recipient Joshua Corbett describes his motivation as a photographer

(Photo by Joshua Corbett)

As the application period for the 2018 Individual Artist Awards (IAA) nears its March 1 closing date, we caught up with 2016 Project Award recipient Joshua Corbett of Anchorage. 
Name: Joshua Corbett
Website: joshuacorbett.com
Visual Artist: Photography
Career Stage: early-mid
Award: 2016 Project Award

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received as an artist?
The way a photograph is made is more important than what is photographed. You can’t be afraid to care about the people you photograph and the story. Compassion is more important than anything.

Who is your favorite Alaska artist and what do you admire about that person?
Brian Adams. I admire the consistency of his vision and the care with which he approaches his craft.

What was the happiest moment of your life as an artist?
The next one. Maybe this is a cop-out, but it’s the anticipation of the possibility of making a decent image the next time I’m behind a camera..

What impact did the Individual Artist Award have on your art?
The Award has given me the opportunity to work on a long-term project, which is absolutely critical to my development as a photographer. The lessons learned from my project have deeply informed the rest of my work. The professional development portion of my award has also allowed connections with photographers and photo editors across the world that will help my career continue to develop for years.

We hope Joshua’s experience inspires you to pursue a creative project of your own. Finish your Individual Artist Award application today.