Rasmuson Foundation believes that an important role for philanthropy is to invest in ideas that open doors to innovation. Take, for example, the health insurance benefits packages offered by The Foraker Group that invite us to think differently about the role of health insurance in our lives. For many, health insurance is a safety net that springs into action only when you are ill. The plans offered by Foraker also provide this necessary safety net, but they aim to contain costs by promoting health.

We know our bodies can be made healthier if we are proactive in their care. The Foraker Group nonprofit health insurance initiatives requires employers to participate in a Health Risk Management Program that offers employees voluntary health risk assessments, a personal health managers, coaching and a suite of tools for making positive changes in lifestyle management. This concept in health benefits rests on the belief that if we are given better tools to be active in managing for health, we can arrest the annual double-digit increase in the cost of health insurance and keep more people covered.

On the Foraker Group blog, Barbara Dubovich, executive director of Camp Fire USA Alaska Council, is quoted as saying the program “is a proactive health management plan that provides more control to each employee and will, we believe, result in lowered premium costs in the future.”

While the health benefits offered by Foraker Group have higher deductibles, routine preventative care is covered in full. Participating employers are required to provide a health savings account with 50 percent of the annual deductible funded. And Rasmuson Foundation support, during this initial phase, will provide another $250 for each account for each of the first two years.

From an organizational perspective, participation in a group plan such as the one offered by Foraker can guard against double-digit cost increases and protect the financial health of your organization over the long term.

The Foraker Group has launched a series of special briefings taking place in May in communities across the state. It will share more details about the plans (a third option was just announced) and answer questions.

Has the cost of health insurance been an issue for your organization? Do you have thoughts on managing for the health of your workforce? Or other ways to ensure for the health of our nonprofits? Share them here.