Friendly reminder for all Alaska artists: Deadline to apply for a 2022 Individual Artist Award (IAA) is March 1. These are competitive awards, so give yourself time to craft a top-notch application. We recently caught up with 2021 IAA recipient “Quki” Golga Oscar, whose art is gaining national recognition. Vogue magazine even featured Oscar’s work!

“Quki” Golga Oscar

Name: “Quki” Golga Oscar
IAA discipline:
Folk and traditional arts
IAA career stage: 
Project Award in 2021
Feature story

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received as an artist?
One of the best piece of advice I have received as an artist is to keep pursuing what you love doing even though it is challenging. Those challenges become opportunities to inspire and influence the ones around you.

Who is your favorite Alaska artist and what do you admire about that person?
I have many favorite Alaska artists. One of them is Chuna McIntyre, a cultural bearer and a cultural/traditional artist. His work influenced my creativity and journey as a Yup’ik artist. His techniques inspired me to pursue challenging skills that acquire patience and care.

What was the happiest moment of your life as an artist?
One of the happiest moments was being accepted to receive this grant,  the Individual Artist Award, through Rasmuson Foundation. This opportunity helped me experience what it means to be an artist who explores various mediums and techniques for hands-on work. This experience so far has made me inspired to keep pursuing challenges, preparing myself for the reality of being an artist.

Oscar used spotted seal, wolverine, beaver, calfskin, rawhide bearded seal skin and deer leather to make these fancy mukluks. (Photo courtesy of Quki Oscar)

What impact did the Individual Artist Award have on your art?
The Individual Artist Award has made me explore and further my artistic techniques, advancing my art career to the next level, and opening more connections to other amazing artists and people. I am exploring various ways of designing and learning about professional development. This has made me challenge myself to confront obstacles that I’ll face again in my lifetime. Learning about other artists and people has opened my mind to new creative and innovative ways of producing art.

Oscar is being featured in Vogue magazine. Read the story:

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