Don Mohr

Don Mohr was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1947. In 1967 he moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where he continues to live and work today. Mohr has an MA degree in History from the University of Oregon and is a professor of history at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Mohr has been a co-director of the International Gallery of Contemporary Art in Anchorage since 1992. Since 1990 he has designed and fabricated the annual children’s exhibitions at the Anchorage Museum. He works in found-object sculpture, installation and performance art. Mohr’s work has been featured in many solo exhibitions in Anchorage, including the Visual Arts Center, the Anchorage Museum, the International Gallery of Contemporary Art and Decker/Morris Gallery. He has collaborated on a number of public art commissions with artist Sheila Wyne.

Artwork by Don Mohr

This art was purchased through the Alaska Art Fund managed by Museums Alaska.