Alaska Grantmakers Tour


25th Grantmakers Tour: We shared Alaska

Our 25th Grantmakers Tour of Alaska introduced philanthropic leaders from across the country to Alaska tribal, nonprofit and government leaders. A taste of bowhead whale, a dip into the Arctic Ocean— this was no ordinary tour.


Welcome 2019 Grantmakers Tour of Alaska

On Sunday, our 23rd Annual Grantmakers Tour begins. Every summer we invite leaders of major outside grantmaking organizations to take part in a jam-packed tour of Alaska.

Initiative News

Cultivating investments in Alaska for 19 years

During the past 19 years, 128 individuals representing 72 organizations have participated in the Alaska Grantmakers Tour. This effort wouldn't be possible without the help of individuals and nonprofits around the state. Is the Alaska Grantmakers Tour having an impact? Find out more in this week's post.

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