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Reaching out for Alaska Native mentors

When Big Brothers Big Sisters saw they weren’t recruiting enough Alaska Native mentors, they did something. Actually, a lot of things. Learn from guest author President and CEO Jill Richardson how the nonprofit is working with partners on outreach and mentoring.


10 questions for Dennis McMillian

Dennis McMillian spent the bulk of his professional career in Alaska helping nonprofit organizations. He arrived in 1992 to lead United Way of Anchorage. He helped to develop The Alaska Community Foundation. And in 2001, he led the creation of The Foraker Group, which exists to increase leadership and management skills of those working in nonprofit and tribal organizations.

Current Events

Low-cost software revisited

Nonprofits, take note! In this week's guest post, Jeremiah Dunham, senior consultant at J2Dunham LLC, updates the popular blog he wrote two years ago about low-cost software for nonprofits. Read his treasure trove of valuable information.


Sabbaticals: Renew, refresh, re-energize

Major league burnout is a common hazard of nonprofit leadership. An extended leave sabbatical can lead to new perspectives for the leader, the board and staff, and often energizes organizational innovation.

Current Events

Economic stimulus: what have we learned?

Many are curious about whether there are funds to support nonprofit programs in the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), also known as the “economic stimulus package.”

We’re curious too.

So we read the bill, its numerous amendments, multiple independent analyses, and daily news reportage from Washington, D.C.;

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