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Expanding opportunities for Alaska artists

It’s been just two years since the Rasmuson Foundation Artist Residency Program launched and already, its impact for both the artists involved and for the communities where they are engaged, has proven strong. In this guest post, poet and arts consultant Jeremy Pataky highlights three reasons why Alaska artists should apply.

Current Events

Creative placemaking – where arts and economy mix

In January, ArtPlace announced that seven Alaska organizations were among the finalists for $15 million in creative placemaking grants. Recently, National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Rocco Landesman addressed a group of foundations about how the idea of creative placemaking evolved into ArtPlace, a new, national initiative to revitalize communities through the arts. We share Landesman's remarks in today's post.

Current Events

Hannibal and me and philanthropy

Triumph and disaster, success and failure are not as absolute as we seek to characterize them. Success for of history’s great leaders is highly contextual – as we see routinely, some leaders have an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Others fail to recognize success for what it is and yet others are only recognized for their greatness posthumously. What can Hannibal teach us about leadership in the nonprofit sector?

Grantee Updates

Excitement in the AIR

by Victoria Lord, Rasmuson Foundation Program Associate

On June 5, Rasmuson Foundation Program Officer Helen Howarth and I went on our customary First Friday stroll. These monthly art events are primarily an opportunity to socialize in an environment that provides, amongst the gathering of many people, glimpses of new work with intermittent occasions to chat with artists.

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