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Learning and culture at the top of the world

I bought my first telescope, a Unitron 2.4 inch refractor for about $120 back in the early 1960s. As a struggling college student at Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin, I had to pay it off in twelve installments. It survived the long trip to Barrow in 1985 and has been my basic scope for arctic stargazing ever since.

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A tale of two medical systems

Health care providers in New Jersey could learn a thing or two from their colleagues in Barrow, says Program Assistant Emily Bass. In this blog post, she shares her impressions of the 2014 Healthy Living Summit in Barrow and compares what she saw there with a real-life experience a few days later in New Jersey.

Grantee Updates

Image and memory, past and present

Today we share the last in our new series of videos that add to the web-based collection of stories we call “Glimpses of Who We Are.” This video reunites two friends from Barrow - one a film maker and the other a writer - in an evocative work that explores a geography that, for some, feels extremely foreign. Yet the nostalgia for people and places past is something acutely familiar, especially this time of year.

Current Events

From Barrow to Sundance

Ten years ago when visiting New York City, a colleague suggested we invite to dinner a NYU film student from Barrow. This month, that “starving student” will have his feature film, the first to be shot in Inupiaq, screened at Sundance. Rasmuson Foundation is matching donations this week to help get the two Barrow-based actors to one of the biggest film festivals on the planet.

Initiative News

To the top of the world

The group at Point Barrow

For all but a small number of people in our country, the Arctic Slope of Alaska is unknown and unknowable. Most will not have the incredible opportunity, as we did Wednesday, to meet a whaling captain and learn about the community effort that goes into hunting a whale.

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