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The Trail

The Trail is a whimsical, possibly mysterious short inspired by late night episodic-serial TV watching. It is a celebration of Sitka Trail Works, a nonprofit that, along with its partners, has literally helped change the ground we walk on. The trails are places I walk solo to get exercise, clear my head, or stir up new ideas.

Current Events

Honor veterans at Park Strip

If you want to honor Alaska's veterans today, consider this: the renovated Anchorage Veterans Memorial will be rededicated in a ceremony this morning at the Delaney Park Strip. Details on our blog post.

Initiative News

Meeting Anchorage’s workforce needs

Last year, Rasmuson Foundation invested $1 million in a bold plan spearheaded by United Way of Anchorage to boost Anchorage graduation rates through a broad community collaboration. In today's guest post, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce President Andrew Halcro outlines a role for the business community in improving graduation rates in the city.

Current Events

#AKSummit Day 2

The Foraker Group Leadership Summit concluded yesterday. As @KathrynErnst said in her second Tweet ever, "We need stories to communicate what we stand for." So here is the story of Day 2 as told by those where were there.

Current Events

AKSummit Day 1

The Foraker Leadership Summit is taking place today and tomorrow in Anchorage. Given that theme is "Telling Our Stories - As Leaders, As Organizations, and As A Sector," it seemed logical to capture the events from Day 1 through a story.

Current Events

Safe children, a community value

The most important natural resource in Alaska is a safe and healthy child. Alaska has one of the highest rates of child abuse and neglect in the country, and it is within our power to change. In today's post, Alaska Children's Trust Executive Director Trevor Storrs reminds us that April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and shares how all of us can pull together to improve the status of Alaska's children.

Current Events

Some of our best investments

It’s true that some investments are more successful than others, even ours. In this week's post, Rasmuson Foundation President Diane Kaplan shares her thoughts about some of the Foundation's best investments. You might be surprised that her selections are not projects or institutions – but people.

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