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A powerful tool to connect Alaska job seekers with jobs

We invite you to learn more about a valuable web resource for job seekers and employers around Alaska. is a service recently acquired by our colleagues at Cook Inlet Tribal Council and Alaska's People. We thought all of Alaska should be aware of it.


Rasmuson Foundation Awards $6.6 Million

For Immediate Release
Contact: Angela Cox, 907-334-0509

Anchorage, AK – Rasmuson Foundation Directors approved awards for 14 organizations totaling more than $6.6 million at their November 28 board meeting. The grants will go to agencies across the state and will benefit a number of different programs.

Current Events

K.I.D.S. – New stuff for kids who need it

Is there anyone who doesn't get excited over new shoes, a new sweater or a new toy? Well, imagine what it's like for children in low-income families to receive new, high-quality items. Thanks to cooperation and collaboration, about 6,000 low-income children are receiving new merchandise. Read about it in this week's blog post.

Grantseeking Tips

Funding partnerships

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Local Funding Partnership program is looking for Alaska partners with a vision to improve the health of the people in their communities. Are we in?

Grantee Updates

A Sabbatical retrospective

Earlier this week, we announced that Rasmuson Foundation is accepting applications and nominations for the Sabbatical Program.

The Foundation created this program six years ago to provide time and resources for our nonprofit leaders to rest and rejuvenate. The program awards up to $30,000 to allow nonprofit and tribal CEOs to spend two to six months away from the job.

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