Her favorite place on Earth

We couldn't have the party we hoped for to celebrate CEO Diane Kaplan's 25th anniversary, but in true Diane fashion we mark the moment with a beloved Foundation song and video. Enjoy!


We stand with Pittsburgh. In anguish, we long for heroes.

There’s a scene in “The Godfather” where Michael Corleone goes to the hospital to see his gravely injured father. He’s shocked to find there are no police guarding the hospital and quickly engages Enzo, the baker, to stand with him on the hospital steps, trying to look tough, to deter bad guys from entering to finish the Don off.


10 questions for Dennis McMillian

Dennis McMillian spent the bulk of his professional career in Alaska helping nonprofit organizations. He arrived in 1992 to lead United Way of Anchorage. He helped to develop The Alaska Community Foundation. And in 2001, he led the creation of The Foraker Group, which exists to increase leadership and management skills of those working in nonprofit and tribal organizations.

Current Events

New CEOs share challenges and ideas

What happens when a bunch of energetic, relatively new Alaska women executives actually leave their offices for 36 hours for a getaway retreat? VP of Programs Sammye Pokryfki checked in with some of the participants several weeks after the Girdwood retreat hosted by the Foundation.

Current Events

Rethinking leadership: Chaos, conflict, and courage

When Vice President of Programs Sammye Pokryfki attended a leadership course at Harvard's Kennedy School, she expected lectures from renowned scholars, top-notch books and articles, and lively discussions. Still, she wasn't expecting what turned out to be the best part of it all. Read about it in this week's post.

Current Events

#AKSummit Day 2

The Foraker Group Leadership Summit concluded yesterday. As @KathrynErnst said in her second Tweet ever, "We need stories to communicate what we stand for." So here is the story of Day 2 as told by those where were there.

Current Events

AKSummit Day 1

The Foraker Leadership Summit is taking place today and tomorrow in Anchorage. Given that theme is "Telling Our Stories - As Leaders, As Organizations, and As A Sector," it seemed logical to capture the events from Day 1 through a story.

Grantee Updates

Sabbatical: go for it

Are you (or do you know) a nonprofit leader interested in the Rasmuson Foundation Sabbatical Program? We asked some former Sabbatical recipients about the value of their sabbatical, and if they had any advice for you. In this post, Rasmuson Foundation President Diane Kaplan shares stories about the impact of time away.

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