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Who doesn’t love libraries

Public libraries seem to be more loved and appreciated than ever, as they offer more services to more people in the communities they serve. In this blog post, President and CEO Diane Kaplan ruminates connections between libraries and their communities, freedom of speech, and philanthropy.

Grantee Updates

The state of our libraries

Facing leaps in the sales of e-readers and changing information consumption habits, how are our libraries doing? How will they survive? In this week's post, we look at the state of Alaska's libraries.

Current Events

Alaska libraries score broadband

Within the list of broadband projects announced today by the U.S. Department of Commerce was $5.4 million for the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development to enhance broadband connections and public computer centers at 104 libraries statewide and launch an innovative free public videoconferencing network available to all Alaska public library users. This is great news! Learn why at the full post.

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