In memory


Remembering Gov. Bill Sheffield

We are remembering former Gov. Bill Sheffield today. For his 80th birthday, our CEO wrote a poem, and with partners, we made a movie about him.


Remembering Sen. Johnny Ellis

Senator Johnny Ellis was a public servant who dedicated his life to bettering the lives of Alaskans – all Alaskans. He was also my friend. I wrote this a few years ago after he retired from the legislature, thanking him for his service. 


Chairman Ed: Mentor, friend, generous beyond words

She was irritated when she heard he wouldn't fund public radio. She was stunned when he answered his own phone — he was president of the National Bank of Alaska. Learn how the relationship between Diane Kaplan and Ed Rasmuson grew into a decades-long collaboration, for Alaska.


A friendship with Terrence Cole

When Elmer Rasmuson needed someone to help with his books on banking and Alaska pioneers, he turned to a historian who knew the characters and the issues: Terrence Cole.


Remembering our friend, Jake Adams

Diane Kaplan remembers her many visits in Utqiaġvik with Jake Adams, whose care for the people of his region materialized in improved quality of life in so many ways.


Remembering Byron Mallott

I can’t remember how many times Byron provided advice, stood up for me, showed up for me, hosted me, fished with me.

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