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Old vines take time

Lasting change and systemic improvements rarely occur by happenstance. Achieving intentional change can take many years of hard work and focus - much like the carefully tended vineyards of Walla Walla. In this post, Rasmuson Foundation External Affairs Manager Jordan Marshall shares what he learned at the recent Philanthropy Northwest annual membership meeting.

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Regional grantmakers vital to Alaska

While the global financial crisis depressed giving overall, foundations and corporations still contributed more in 2010 than in 2006 to nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest. In Alaska particularly, support from regional grantmakers remains strong. In this blog post, we look at some data shared by Philanthropy Northwest in their biannual report, Trends in Northwest Giving.

Current Events

Introducing Mission Investors Exchange

Philanthropy Northwest (PNW) announced last week the merger of PRI Makers Network and More for Mission to establish Mission Investors Exchange. In today's blog, we explore how PRI's are being used by Rasmuson Foundation in Alaska, and how these financial tools are gaining more attention elsewhere,


Virtual conferencing via Twitter

Information has value, and foundations are often positioned to gather great amounts of it. The importance of sharing information is a topic we discuss frequently here at Rasmuson Foundation. This week, Rasmuson staff will be scattered across the country attending a number of information-rich philanthropy meetings where discussions will range from topics such as the role of philanthropy in civil society, how the economy is challenging foundations, and ways to use new communication tools to convene discussion and build engagement around issues, just to name a few.

Current Events

Alaska Funders Group meets

The Alaska Funders Group is a loose knit group of community, corporate and private funders who meet quarterly to build network, share opportunities, and exchange ideas and practices. Philanthropy Northwest provides basic support services.

Last Thursday, about 40 people convened at The Alaska Community Foundation to hear two corporate funders – Kaladi Brothers Coffee and The Pebble Partnership – discuss the role of community giving and supporting practices within their respective organizations.

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