Initiative News

Time for a long-term plan

Today lawmakers gavel back in for the second special session of 2016. That means we have another chance to put Alaska on a sustainable financial path. Let's get it right this time.

Initiative News

Today, we are at a turning point in our history

Our fellow Alaskans,

As our leaders deliberate in Juneau, the goal that all Alaskans share – finding a long-term solution to our state’s fiscal crisis – has not yet been achieved.

Rasmuson Foundation has spent the last 12 months listening to Alaskans from across our great state.


Plan4Alaska Releases Report Analyzing Revenue Strategies to Close the Fiscal Gap

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For Immediate Release: Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Contact: Cassandra Stalzer, 907-334-0520 or 907-223-9908 (cell)

ANCHORAGE, AK – A new report commissioned by Rasmuson Foundation as part of its Plan4Alaska campaign finds that while strategies currently proposed to close Alaska’s $4 billion budget gap would significantly improve the state’s fiscal standing, a diversified revenue strategy is needed this year to close the gap and equitably distribute financial impact.


Op-Ed: Despite perceptions, Alaska made real budget cuts last year

March 28, 2016

Contact: Cassandra Stalzer, 907-334-0520

By now, nearly everyone is concerned about the state’s budget deficit. Research by Rasmuson Foundation shows that most Alaskans support some level of budget cuts to make state government more sustainable, but where?

When asked, 41 percent of Alaskans say they don’t know where to cut.

Initiative News

The Tide Has Turned

When Rasmuson Foundation began its educational campaign about the state’s fiscal challenge almost a year ago, our goals were to ensure Alaskans were aware of the situation and concerned about it. We wanted citizens to become engaged in the dialogue about what kind of Alaska we envision for our kids and grandkids.

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