Initiative News

Tackling underage drinking

Underage drinking. Kids who drink think everybody does it. What happens if they learn otherwise? Today's post is about a new campaign from the Alaska Wellness Coalition designed to curb and even eliminate underage drinking.

Initiative News

Working with news media

The series, State of Intoxication, was the first high-profile partnership between for-profit news media and philanthropy in Alaska, and as such, it raised a lot of questions and generated a lot of ideas. In this post, we share our approach to working with journalists.

Current Events

Wow, what a year

Our own Top 10 – In this week's blog, we recap the events and accomplishments that contributed to making 2013 a stellar year.

Initiative News

Our drinking problem

This week a collaboration of funders, including Rasmuson Foundation, announced an award to the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) for a year-long news reporting project investigating the costs of Alaska's high rate of alcohol abuse. Today's post, by ADN Editor Patrick Daugherty, ran on Sunday and sets the stage for the project -- and the challenge before us all.

Initiative News

Partnership in prevention

Alaska suffers from the effects of substance abuse. It remains one of our most serious health and social problems. We need public-private partnerships and long term strategies to prevent, intervene early, treat and help people recover. Read more in today's post.

Initiative News

Recover Alaska

The “Recover Alaska” Substance Abuse Initiative aims to “reduce the negative impacts of alcohol and drug abuse in Alaska.” The working group focuses on developing ways to prevent substance abuse and improve treatment services for Alaskans. To learn more read today’s blog.

Current Events

2-1-1 Aids Alaskans

While many feel that Alaska avoided the national economic crisis, the reality is that Alaskans have been increasingly hurting. Many Alaskans have never had to ask for help before. Some are embarrassed to suddenly have to ask. Most don’t know where to start, who to call, or what exactly to ask for. That’s where Alaska 2-1-1’s staff comes in.

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