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Two family foundations direct $2 million to Seacoast Trust

A new fund that aims to support a prosperous, post-timber economy in Southeast Alaska has gotten a boost with twin $1 million investments from two private family foundations: Rasmuson Foundation in Alaska and Edgerton Foundation, based in Los Angeles.

Grantee Stories

The Trail

The Trail is a whimsical, possibly mysterious short inspired by late night episodic-serial TV watching. It is a celebration of Sitka Trail Works, a nonprofit that, along with its partners, has literally helped change the ground we walk on. The trails are places I walk solo to get exercise, clear my head, or stir up new ideas.

Grantee Stories

Culture dances across the airwaves

Access to Haines, Alaska’s only radio station is up twenty-eight steps to the second floor, which becomes an issue on the night we haul up Horace Marks in his wheelchair. Palsied and hardly able to whisper, it is essential that the elder participate in this explication of a clan’s treasured heritage.

Grantee Stories

Little Mikey

The Glory Hole shelter is a grungy, heartbreaking window into a reality we often ignore. There are people and stories here that lay bare all the ugliness the world has to offer; but more than that, you will find raw, palpable good.

Grantee Updates

Keeping the faith

The newly restored Chief Shakes House was dedicated last weekend in Wrangell. In today's post, Rasmuson Foundation President Diane Kaplan shares her story about one woman's decade-long commitment to gather the community around their most prominent landmark.

Grantee Updates

The Trail

Last week Rasmuson Foundation launched a new series of videos that add to the web-based collection of stories we call "Glimpses of Who We Are." Today we share the second in that series - a whimsical, possibly mysterious short that film maker Ellen Frankenstein says was "inspired by late night episodic-serial TV watching."

Grantee Updates

Introducing video glimpses

Today Rasmuson Foundation launches the next generation of its web-based storytelling. This time, with a nod to advances made in networking speed and connectivity, working with media artists to tell stories about the nonprofit sector.

Current Events

Staff retreat reflections

A couple of weeks ago, Rasmuson staff traveled to Juneau, Klukwan and Haines for our annual staff retreat. In this post, staff members share a few of their experiences, the lessons they took away, and a little about the dedicated and hard-working individuals we met. Thank you, to all in Southeast Alaska who made the trip a success!

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