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First Quarter Awards Announced

For Immediate Release
Contact: Cassandra Stalzer, 907-334-0520

Anchorage –  Rasmuson Foundation announced that in the first quarter of 2013 it made 36 Tier 1 awards for a total of $654,761, and renewed support of the Art Acquisition Fund for $285,000. These grants join six Sabbatical Awards announced in January.

Grantseeking Tips

Volunteers: renewable resources

This week we focus on the essential roles volunteers play in sustaining organizations. Today, we hear from Carole Henry, Community Outreach Coordinator for Palmer-based Valley Community for Recycling Solutions.

Grantee Updates

Precious Resources: Mollie Boyer Q&A

"I believe that if we see everything here on this earth as a precious resource – animals, minerals, soil, water, and humans (our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, folks we see on the streets, in the stores, all humans) - and not as something or someone to be discarded or disregarded, that then positive change/caring happens," said 2011 Sabbatical recipient Molley Boyer. Read more of her interview in this week's post.

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