What We Support

We support Alaska nonprofits, tribes and local governments through grants and initiatives in six impact areas. To learn about specific grant opportunities, visit our grants section.

Impact Areas

Our philanthropy work revolves around one main thing — improving the lives of Alaskans. Our commitment encompasses every aspect from physical wellbeing to feeding the soul. There’s little in an Alaskan’s life we don’t touch in one way or another.

Quality Health Care & Social Support

We support community health clinics and innovative solutions to provide broad access to health care and social services for Alaskans across the state. We help build food banks, soup kitchens and shelters for those who are unhoused.

Thriving People And Communities 

Supporting projects that help Alaskans thrive is core to our work. From housing to summer camps to libraries, these spaces and resources enrich the well-being of individuals and communities

Education & Economic Possibility

We invest in the future of Alaska by supporting economic development and education projects, like a rural farm in a traditional fishing village.

Vibrant Arts & Culture 

When arts and culture flourish, so do entire communities. We believe the best way to support the arts is to put money directly in the hands of artists, and that’s just one aspect of our commitment

Filipino women pose before participating in the Centennial Celebration of PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center on Feb. 22, 2023. (Photo courtesy of 2023 IAA recipient Alma Manabat Parker)

Civic & Philanthropic Responsibility 

Engaged citizens mean a better society for us all. As our late Chairman Emeritus Ed Rasmuson said “there are all kinds of ways of giving back.”

Rapid Response

We are committed to being an avenue for support when critical needs threaten the viability of valuable programs and services.