May 15, 2024

Anchorage, Alaska – Leaders of Alaska nonprofit organizations and tribes are invited to apply for a 2025 Sabbatical Award. The program provides time away to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate.

Each recipient will have 90 to 120 continuous days in the coming year to unplug from demanding jobs. The award amount in the coming cycle is $50,000. These grants to the individual’s organization help cover the leader’s salary, interim team, and costs of travel and other experiences during the time off from work. Applications will close on Aug. 14.

A Rasmuson Foundation selection panel, which includes prior recipients, will select up to eight individuals for 2025 awards. Click here to learn more and apply online.

Leaders get time with families, a chance to pursue personal interests, and an opportunity to decompress. Recipients in the past have brought a long history of community service and organizational leadership. They demonstrated a pressing need for time away and recognized that their organizations will benefit by allowing others to step up.

The Foraker Group and the Alaska Tribal Administrators Association will support organizations and leaders through the sabbatical process.

“Sabbaticals work – there is research that demonstrates organizations are stronger when their leaders step away for rest and renewal,” said Monica Garcia-Itchoak, a Rasmuson Foundation program officer who oversees the Sabbatical Program. “This is an opportunity for the organizations and teams to develop new ways of working together and impacting mission.”

Since the first awards in 2005, the Foundation has funded 114 sabbaticals with more than $4 million in awards. Learn more about past recipients here.

Download announcement for the 2025 Sabbatical Awards.

About the Foundation 

Rasmuson Foundation is a private family foundation based in Anchorage, Alaska. The Foundation was created in 1955 by Jenny Rasmuson, a Swedish missionary, to honor her late husband, banker E.A. Rasmuson.