Photo Description: Jacob’s Ladders are blooming in Denali National Park (2023).

Hello friends,

The Foraker Group continues to strengthen and stand alongside Alaska’s nonprofits and tribes. We are all blessed by all our sister-agency’s work. 

Earlier this year, Foraker introduced a new tool: Alaska Funders Directory. The directory is a curated list of more than 200 funders that have a history of providing financial support in our state.  

The directory is subscription-based ($100 – $200) and offers a searchable index of potential funders that includes contact information, funding interests, and helpful tips for making requests, such as funding cycles. Foraker is also hosting sessions to preview the tool. If you’re searching for new funding opportunities, we encourage you to check it out.  

We know our transitions and the Tier 1, 2, and Individual Artist Award funding pause are disruptive. In response, during recent regional listening tours, I answered some questions about where the Foundation is going.   

What is my vision for the Foundation?   

My personal vision is to serve the state, each of you, the staff, and the board. Next year, Rasmuson Foundation will celebrate its 70th anniversary. For more than half a century, we’ve been Founder-led by three tremendous Alaskans: Jenny, Elmer, and Ed. We’re now in a moment of transition from this Founder-led model to an institution model, which will preserve their legacies well beyond us all. My vision is not about an individual; rather the collective needs of Alaska.  

When will grantmaking reopen? 

Tier 1, 2, and Individual Artist Awards should open by late summer, early fall, and we continue to fund time-sensitive and emergency needs. Please contact your program officer, call us, or book a time to discuss items. 

What changes can we expect after the pause?   

Our board is committed to helping Alaskans and the types of grants we’ve historically funded. Any changes will be implemented to improve accessibility and the process for grantees and our staff.   

Can we contact our program officer about potential projects? 

Yes! We are always open for a conversation. Please reach out to your program officer, or if you don’t have one, book time with us here, or call 907-297-2770. 

We’re appreciative of the feedback we’ve received from communities, grantees, and neighbors as we continue our reset. Our staff and board look forward to resuming traditional grantmaking soon. 

Thank you for all you do.  


Gretchen Guess

President & CEO, Rasmuson Foundation