Photo Description: Previous sabbatical recipients gather for a group photo inside the Dena’ina Center for the 2023 Sabbatical Luncheon.

Hello friends,

Do you know a nonprofit leader or tribal administrator who needs a break?  We all do. These leaders are on the frontlines doing not only their job, but every job to keep organizations and tribes moving forward.   

Our sabbatical program is meant for these leaders. You know the ones, you ask them when they are taking time off, and they say, “I couldn’t be gone for that long.” 

As we enter our 20th year of the Sabbatical Program, we believe in its simple idea: keep our best leaders by providing them with time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Not only has this program done just that, but it also further strengthened organizations by allowing teams to step up and jump start their paths to leadership.  

How did we achieve this?  The secret sauce is the technical and financial support each organization receives before, during and after their leader’s sabbatical.  We partner with The Foraker Group and the Association of Tribal Administrators to ensure success for all. Oh, and GCI provides a different phone so the leader can be truly off the grid. 

This year, seven leaders are partaking in their sabbatical, including tribal administrators from Asa’carsarmiut Tribe and United Tribes of Bristol Bay, as well as leaders in the arts, health care, education, transportation, and research. The 2024 sabbatical class is a wonderful representation of the diverse work and service Alaska’s nonprofit sector covers. We hope the 2025 class will include you or a leader you know who would benefit from 90-to-120 days off. The application is available online, along with information on eligibility and available support for organizations during the sabbatical. Applications for 2025 will close on Aug. 14, 2024.

Thank you for all you do.  


Gretchen Guess

President & CEO, Rasmuson Foundation

PS – Our paused grantmaking programs should open by late summer, early fall. We continue to fund time-sensitive and emergency needs. While our entire staff and board look forward to resuming traditional grantmaking soon, please know that we’re always open for a conversation now.