Ashley R. Powe

King Cove / Fairbanks / North Pole
2023 Project AwardLiterary Arts/Scriptworks

2023 Project Award

Powe, a literary artist from King Cove currently living in North Pole with her family, will write and publish a novel of Indigenous-themed stories about traditional herbalism, survival, food preservation, spirituality and well-being. In her novel combining fantasy and realism, the main character embarks on a journey through the four seasons with the help of animals, ancestors and spiritual gifts. This novel will include accurate information about Alaska plants through photographs and the different methods to use them in recipes, medicinally, and in spiritual practice.

Powe will purchase camera equipment and editing software to ensure high-quality graphics and will attend workshops to support her writing and research into Alaska plants. After publication, she will promote her novel to increase cultural accessibility and Indigenous literary representation, especially in the genre of fiction.