Betany Porter

2023 Project AwardVisual ArtsPainting

2023 Project Award

Porter will create a new body of work of 10-to-15 sculptural paintings that can be folded, stacked and rearranged like portable camping gear. These works will be shown in large-scale installations to examine our contemporary relationship with nature — both inside and outside the home — as an investigation of how Alaska is portrayed in popular culture.

Porter will upgrade her studio with heat, gas and electricity so she can create new work and host studio visits year-round. She also will purchase supplies and furniture and pay for framing and professional documentation. With the new work she will be able to refresh her website and connect with curators, museums and galleries.

Porter credits her sense of humor, color palette and love of natural spaces to growing up in California in the 80s. After 11 years and counting of living and working in Anchorage, her gratitude for the sense of community here continues to evolve.

Artwork samples

Top left: “Logs with Oven Mitts” (detail) / acrylic on paper / 4′ x 6′ / 2018. Top right: “Oven Mitt, Moose” / acrylic on paper / 4.5″ x 14″ x 8.5″ / 2020. Bottom: “Blue Tent, Big Bear Lake” / acrylic on paper / 7.5″ x 1.25″ / 2018.