Christiana Galea’i

2023 Project AwardMusic/Music Composition

2023 Project Award

Galea’i uses music, words, and visuals to express love, with all its pain, beauty and joy. She will produce an extended play album of five songs alongside two music videos about her experiences as a Samoan American living in Alaska, exploring the tensions of being a Pacific Islander living in the Arctic. Most of the songs will feature Galea’i as the solo artist, supported by members of the greater Samoan American community, including a Samoan church choir based in Anchorage and the Polynesian rapper, Sefa M, who has a strong fan base with Islander Alaskans.

Galea’i hopes to showcase the musical excellence of her community to identify and highlight healthy love, cross-cultural communication, and making the best of life.

Artwork samples

“Never Wanted My Love:” As Galea’i puts it, “repetitive words give the audience space to sit with the message undisturbed.” It reflects the experience of being disowned by loved ones, which she says occurs too often for Samoan youth.

Slow to Anger:” This song shares the rage, annoyance and finally the liberation of a person.